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Choosing The Perfect Location For Your Vegetable Garden!!

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While that may sound like a super easy task, 

there are a few things to consider before picking a spot and calling it “Garden”.

Many beginner gardeners make this mistake when they first start their vegetable garden.

But now you will not make those beginner gardener mistakes, because you will know where to put your garden


1. Sunlight: Most gardens in general, grow really well where they

receive at least six hours of sunlight daily (more is better).

The south and west facing sides of a yard, generally get the most sun,

unless there are large amounts of tree shade.

2. Other large plants: Especially if you’re planning an “flat”

garden, avoid an area beside large trees or shrubs, whose roots

may cause problems and rob your garden of nutrients and water.

3. Water: Consider a place near a water source (tap, or garden hose)

for easy watering, and a spot in your yard that doesn’t hold water when it rains

(low down dips, clay soil, ETC…..).

4. Close By: If possible, you don’t want your garden to be

“out of sight, out of mind.”

Keep your garden area close enough to be noticed.

Step 1. (Location, based on sun).

After you have seen where the sunniest spots are in your garden,

you now need to choose some of the most promising locations.

+6 hours of sunlight for full sun gardens (this is the one you will be using most,

I highly suggest that you try to only use this area).

4-6 hours of sunlight for medium sun vegetables (this is second choice to the first one).

-4 hours of sunlight for low sun vegetables (this is the third choice, and the least productive).


Step 2. (Location, based on size)

You certainly don’t need to use your entire garden for your garden,

but the more space you have the more produce you will be able to harvest,

(NOTE: The larger the area, the more maintenance needed)

So take a look at this attached document, decide how many plants you want of each,

work out how many sq feet that will be and multiply that by about 5,

so that you can have fresh vegetables weekly, and daily.


Now that you have decided how many Sq feet you will need, let me first wipe away the mist๐Ÿ˜€,

the reason that I use Sq feet, for my gardening even though I live in A South Africa,

is that 1 sq foot provides the perfect measurement for an certain amount of plants.


Step 3. (Location, based on accessibility)

Now is another rather important, factor: the accessibility of your garden,

generally you want it as much in your daily view as possible,

IE: you walk past it every day or better yet a couple of times each day.

This will mean that you pay more attention to it, ….pull out that rude weed,

or see that they are looking a bit sad so you quickly serve them their favorite cocktail (Water)๐Ÿ˜‚.


If you have any questions or comments please drop a comment below.

Matthew Du Preez

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